ARRA – Coax/WG Components DC-40 GHz


For over 60 years ARRA (Antenna & Randome Research Associates) has been a global innovator in designing,
manufacturing, distribution of coaxial and waveguide components. Supplying dependable, cost effective solutions to commercial and military customers worldwide. Their vast products line includes: Coaxial & Waveguide Components in the DC-40 GHz range. Fixed & Var. Attenuators, Couplers, Dividers, Filters, Hybrids, Loads, Phase Shifters, Terminations & Microwave Training Kit.

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Elite RF: All-in-One RF Test System


The new and innovative S-Series Multi-Purpose RF Test System is an all in one and flexible alternative to expensive and bulky RF test equipment and can be used for R&D characterization on the bench, EMC assessment and automated production test in the factory. The RF equipment built into the S-Series can be used as a stand-alone or with other external equipment. The standard line S-Series RF test equipment is an all in one, cost-effective piece of equipment that incorporates the following items: spectrum analyzer, RF tracking generator, dual signal generator, 4 channel scope and RF power meter.


ELVA 1 – mmWave Devices and Components


ELVA-1 is the designing and manufacturing company with already 20 years history in Millimeter Wave developing market. Started in 1993 it established a reputation of high professional attitude, lasting progress and growth.

UStrip and Planar Antenna. IMPATT Frequency Multiplier. Electronic controlled Attenuator. BWO-Powered Sweepers & Wave Generators. MMW Sources with PWR Modulation. IMPATT MMW Oscillators. Network Analysers.Gunn Sources.

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EMPOWER : High Power Amplifiers

Empower RF Systems is a global leader in high power RF and microwave amplifier systems and modules solutions for EMC testing, military and wireless applications. Empower RF Designs and manufactures standard and custom products incorporating state-of-the-art GaN, LDMOS, MOSFET, GaAsFET and bipolar device technologies.

High Power RF amplifier Modules and systems up to 500 MHz , 1000 MHz, 2500 Mhz and 6000MHz.


HD Microwave – Waveguide components

Waveguide Tube, Straight Waveguide, Waveguide Bend, Waveguide Twist, Waveguide Transition, Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter, Crossguide Directional Coupler, Crossguide Directional Coupler, Loop Coupler, 3dB Waveguide Combiner/Divider,Waveguide Tee, Waveguide Rotary Joint, Waveguide Termination, Waveguide Attenuator, Waveguide Short, Waveguide Circulator, Waveguide Isolator, Elliptical Waveguide, Waveguide Adjustable Support.


Gigalane – Connectors, Adapters, Cables Assemblies, Switches, DC Blocks, Bias Tees & Attenuators

Gigalane manufacturers full Line of connectivity Solutions:
RF & Microwave Connectors: 2.4mm, 2.92mm, SMA, N Type, MCX, MMCX, AMB & SLM
RF & Microwave Adapters: Precision adapters in series, Precision adapters between series & Standard Adapters
RF & Microwave Cable assemblies
RF Switch Plugs & Jacks & Coaxial Micro Plugs & Jacks

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Huaying Electronics – Saw Filters and Resonators

Huaying is one of the earliest independent research and development SAW device enterprises, the company produces a variety of acoustic SAW resonator, SAW filter 80 million pcs, the products are reliable in performance, excellent quality, widely used in remote control, security, smart home and other environments.


Micro Harmonics - Millimeter Wave Products


Micro Harmonics produces high-quality millimeter wave products including millimeter wave isolators and millimeter wave circulators operating from 26 GHz to more than 330 GHz. These are the most technologically advanced millimeter wave products on the market today. They are optimized for extended bandwidth and the industry’s lowest insertion loss. Their WR-3.4 isolators have typical insertion loss of less than 2 dB in the band 220-330 GHz! All of theirferrite components are 100% made in the USA.


MTI – flat panel antennas and antenna systems


MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. delivers fixed wireless communication solutions, up to 40 GHz, and caters its wide-ranging product line to the needs of the OEM market. Defense products include: airborne antennas, naval & submarine antennas, ground force antennas. Commercial products include: fixed wireless communication, DF arrays.

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SJM Prewell – Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC) design

SJM Prewell specializes in radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) design with products including low noise amplifiers, gain block amplifiers and medium power amplifiers.
SJM Prewell's RFIC department is strong in the design of RFIC and MMIC specializing in the development of high performance Gallium Arsenide integrated circuits (GaAs ICs) for modern wireless telecommunication and infrastructure applications. All products are developed using state-of-the art GaAs, InGaP/GaAs processes utilizing HBT and PHEMT devices.
Products from SJM Prewell include: Low Noise Amplifiers, Gain Blocks, IF Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, CATV Solutions, Divider, RF Transformers / Baluns.

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RF Morecom – RF & M/W components, modules, systems and Network Management solution


RF Morecom produces a wide range of RF & Microwave products such Fiters, Duplexers, Multiplexers, POI, Combiners, Couplers, Dividers, RF switch bank module, RF repeater, GPS antenna, Receiver, Portable Network Management System, and controls very LOW PIM below 170dBc.
• Passive Components : Dielectric Resonators, Ceramic filters & Duplexers (Monoblock & Discrete types), Cavity
filters and Duplexers,
• GPS : GPS Antennas & Combiner antennas (GPS, GSM & DCS).
RF Morecom Product line has RF & Microwave product group and RF System solution such as repeater for mobile coverage solution and TMA/TMB for base station coverage, expansion, PDU and FEU/MultiCombiner for Base station RFModule solution and other products such couplers, combiners, splitters, Bias Tee, DC Block and Termination. RF Morecom provides Femto AP & Repeater Solution and the Point of interface (POI) solution the platform for multisystem combination.


Sawtron : IF & RF SAW Filters


SAWTRON provides design solutions with software support, on-site process consulting and products of lower loss, steeper shape factor and manufacturable state of the art IF SAW Filters including special RF SAW Filters to satisfying customers.
RF SAW Filters : 139 ~ 999MHz | 1.0 ~ 2.7 GHz | IF SAW Filters : 10 ~ 99 MHz | 100 ~ 999 MHz


Scientific Microwave Corporation – Waveguide Components

Circulators/Isolators, Filters, Diplexers, Duplexers, Phase Shifters, Stub Tuners, Transducers, Assemblies, Flanges, Couplers, Power Samplers, Terminations, Adapters, Transitions, Straight Sections, Flexible Waveguide & Fixed Attenuators.

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Southern Microwave – Ferrite Isolators & Circulators

Southern Microwave manufacturers ferrite circulators and isolator with frequencies from 0.750 to 18 GHz.
The product line includes: connectorized, Drop-In surface mount, double junction, Drop-In flange, Drop-In Micro-Thin,Drop-In Disc isolators and Circulators.


SRC Haverhill (now Win Brand) – Cable Assemblies

Coaxial cables, Microwave Absorbers, Wire Harness. Semi-Rigid and Flexible Coax Cables built to your specifications.


Tagore Technology - RF Solutions


Tagore offers innovative solutions based on Gallium Nitride-on-Silicon (GaN-on-Si), Gallium Nitride (GaN)-on-silicon carbide (SiC) and Gallium Arsenide technologies. Leveraging wide bandgap capabilities, our proprietary technologies significantly reduce complexity, size and power consumption in a wide variety from 5G infrastructure to consumer, automotive and defense and public safety applications.

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Tech Time– Frequency Control Products


Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO), Standard XO, High Frequency XO, Miniature SMD XO, Frequency Controlled Crystal Oscillators (FCXO); Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO): (VCTCXO & TCXO) DIL compatible, miniature, standard, VCTCXO super miniature; Clocks: standard & precise; Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO); Crystal Resonators: miniature, super miniature. More products available.

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Top Microwave – Voltage Controlled Oscillators

VCOs made in USA. Surface Mount, Connectorized and Through Hole packages. TOP offers application targeted models as well as standard general purpose VCO'S. Applications include but are not limited to WLAN, PCMCIA, PCS, Portable Radios, VSAT, Instrumentation, CATV, Up/Down Converters, Frequency Multipliers, Modems, Cellular Tellcommunications, Industry / Science / Medical (ISM), wireless Utility Meters, Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS), CDMA, GSM and many more. Custom designs are our specialty. The SMT components ranging from 0201 to QFP304 . Agilent Signal Source Analyzers provide latest analytical capabilities. LPKF Protomat circuit board plotter and MiniContact-RS Plating System allow quick turn prototype PCB fabrication.

Transcom – Microwave devices


Transcom, Inc. produces Super Low Noise GaAs FETs, High Linearity and High Efficiency GaAs Power FETs, Super Lower Noise Packaged GaAs FETs, High Linearity and High Efficiency Packaged GaAs Power FETs, Hybrid ICs, Product lines of MMICs, These MMICs including a 1W Ku-Band MMIC, a 2.4 GHz 1W MMIC and a 2.4 GHz 2W MMIC.

Directional Coupler, Power Divider, Fixed Attenuator, Fixed Termination & MIS Chip Capacitors.